Being raised in a Russian household making music and being outside was the core belief. I often found myself altering the musical notes of the great classical composers who where adored by my family members. 
As I grew older, carefully changing the notes of classical compositions evolved to producing my own tracks. Thanks to my Russian grandmother I learned to appreciate nature from an early age. During the early years of my life I spent most of my Summer holidays at the datcha (a country house or cottage outside in Russia). I found myself playing in the forest most of that time.
While reaching my twenties and moving to Amsterdam, nature became less available in my urban neighborhood. I decided to take my grandmother's advice more serious and gave myself the task to go for a small walk around the block every day. I noticed that walking outside inspired me and helped me organizing thoughts, but also it brought me new energy and ideas.
Important to mention, I would not leave the house without putting my headphones in and listen to music.

Sophie Jurrjens, founder Off-Track

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''Off-Track takes away the city’s distractions and enables me to fully engage in nature and to completely relax.''