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While going for my daily walk on a cold Sunday morning in the winter of 2016, I was listening to my own music. The music was calm and relaxing. Exactly at the moment I decided to deviate from the path to make a picture of a frozen branch, in that moment, the music turned more suspenseful. All of a sudden the music suited the environment perfectly. It felt like I was in a movie; where previously the trees moved quietly on the wind they suddenly seemed more sinister. I had been away for just 10 minutes, it felt like an entire day. The experience was so mind blowing that I started to imagine how it would be if my music would suit the entire walking route. The idea for Off-Track was born.

Sophie Jurrjens, founder Off-Track​​

By adding music to a walking route, Off-Track transforms going for a walk into an experience. The music adds an extra layer to your surroundings: sometimes it energizes, sometimes it relaxes. 

The project was developed as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Creative Industries Fund NL and  V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.

Special thanks to Fonds voor Oost, T-Mobile Futurelab en Nimble Creatives.

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